DEAD 2048 Mod Apk [v1.3.2] Latest Download For Android

DEAD 2048 Mod Apk puzzle game, zombie game and tower defense game. Classically, it is in a world conquered by zombies. Even though the walking deaths have covered a large part of the world, there are still people who are still alive and have not turned into creation. Our mission; he protects people and finds a remedy for the virus that turns all the zombies.

In DEAD 2048, a collection of popular new games download for android genres, we set up strategic point defense posts to prevent the zombies from entering the place we are. When constructing the buildings, we are making diagonal upward, downward, left and right scrolling movements. When the two towers match with the same number, it becomes a single tower. If you played 2048 number puzzle top apk games you know; the same logic is moving forward. Differently, he is entering into action and strategy. Of course there are also various amplifiers, upgrades.

It is a pity that the tower defense best apk games, which does not require internet connection and can be played offline (without the internet), makes a special exit to the Android platform. 2048, zombie, tower defense mix game, individual to kill time.

  1. Game Name: DEAD 2048
  2. Download and install the APK file below.
  3. Open the game.
  4. File Size: 86.3MB

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