Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11.0.5 FULL APK is one of the favorite games of the Mojang studio, and I need to add the current version to my instructors who love games based on survival, adventure and construction. Your goal is to try to survive in the open world, where you are with the person you control, and build your own living space. Due to Minecraft PE restrictions, I suggest MOD APK so that all skins are open so you can enjoy the game a little more. The Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11.0.5 version is introduced as a beta version, dozens of bug fixes have been made, and some new types of cubes are waiting for you. 3D graphics and sound quality is good. Control is carried out using the logic of the joystick. Turkish language support. Minecraft Pocket Edition costs 24,99TL in the Play Store, more than 2 630 000 downloads.

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A WARNING: all skin, i.e. clothes are unlocked, the texture is problematic because the texture packs are loaded from the game. The game can close at the entrance to the store.

A WARNING: To play the game with the latest features, create a new world or edit your old world Use experimental gameplay namely "Use the experimental game" activate option.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11.0.5 MOD APK DOWNLOAD – 90MB


INFORMATION: Now the game is licensed, so I delete the SAF APK link, because you cannot log in to Realm when the license is violated.


Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.11.0.5 Download and install the FULL APK file and enter the game.

All premium skins are available.


Parse error has been fixed.

A WARNING: You cannot enter the Realm section because it is edited to use premium clothing in the APK file.

Dedicated APK file (x86) for Intel devices with error stopped: DOWNLOAD

Enter b / give @p command_block 64 give in the correspondence section to be able to use the command block added in Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.0.5.0, the block will be in inventory.

If you received an error message when opening a card, go to the profile tab in the game settings section.

A WARNING: If the game closes when you open games / com.mojang / minecraftpe /, delete the contents of the folder and re-open the game, it will probably work smoothly.

A WARNING: Do not delete the minecraftWorlds folder, otherwise the Minecraft universes you created will be lost.


About downloads

Information 1: When downloading files via cloud.mail.ru, a new tab opens in some Internet browsers. Mail.ru is a temporary problem. (you can also use backup links)

file upload for release

Information 2: Sometimes "Unable to load xxxx-androidoyunclub.apk file due to an unknown error." If you receive an error message, download the download page (cloud.mail.ru) and try again, try downloading the file 1-2 times after the download starts.

Information 3: On some devices, you may receive the error message "The file cannot be opened" using the file manager on your device.




cloud.mail.ru download file VIDEO


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